Metropolitan Flute Orchestra Performs With
Sir James Galway
For Fox News, Times Square, August 14, 2009

The Metropolitan Flute Orchestra, in summer residence at New England Conservatory, performed with Sir James Galway for a live FOX News TV shoot in Times Square on Friday, August 14 at approximately 9:00am.  FOX News interviewed Sir James right before the Galway Guinness Record Breaking attempt for the largest flute ensemble, which took place at 10:00am during the National Flute Association Convention in New York City.  Three additional ensembles were also invited to perform with Sir James in Times Square: The Florida Flute Orchestra, The Columbia Flute Choir and The Stanford University Flute Choir.

Sir James asked the Times Square ensemble to memorize an arrangement of a lively Irish folk song, Brian Boru’s March.   Metropolitan Flute Orchestra director Paige Dashner Long was invited to warm-up the combined ensembles prior to the much anticipated arrival of Sir James.  Long also conducted the TV “bump”, a 30-60 video segment aired prior to a news story used to draw attention to an upcoming news feature.

Sir James arrived in Times Square, talking with the ensemble prior to the live news shoot.  He played several famous flute pieces, waiting for the live broadcast, and at one time, members of the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra jumped in playing a bass line for Sir James.

During the interview, Sir James tired to teach the FOX News reporter to play the flute.  Then immediately after the interview, Sir James when into the Marquis Ballroom of New York’s Marriott Hotel and conducted the record breaking ensemble of 1,989 flutists performing “Galway Fantasie”, an 8 minute piece commissioned by Sir James especially for this record breaking attempt.  The previous record of 1,975 flutists was held by a Chinese ensemble.