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Metropolitan Flute Orchestra Recordings

Eventide Soliloquy
In loving memory of my son, Sean Callan MacDonald
The inspiration and dedication of this piece is in loving memory of Sean Callan MacDonald, the composer’s son, who died unexpectedly August, 2010. Eventide Soliloquy is Sean's life in song.  For detailed program notes go to Arrangements.
Composed by Paige Dashner Long
Copyright 2011 Falls House Press

Hymnus, Opus 57
Composed by Julius Klengel
Arranged for flute orchestra by Paige Dashner Long 2012
Copyright 2012 Falls House Press

Metropolitan Flute Orchestra on tour in Bratislava, Slovakia
This has concert flutes, with alto, bass and contraflutes.  For this, I used the alternate lowered 5th flute part.  I also had two people assigned to Flute 1.  One person played the part as published, the other person played the alternate lowered Flute 1 part.

National Flute Association Vegas Low Flutes Concert
This ensemble is comprised of alto flutes, bass flutes, contrabass flutes in C, F and G, and sub contrabass flutes in G and C as performed during the 40 BeLow Concert during the National Flute Association Convention in Las Vegas; directed by Paige Dashner Long.

Allegro vivace from Symphony No. 41, "Jupiter"
Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Arranged for flute orchestra by Paige Dashner Long 2012
Copyright 2012 Falls House Press

Mascherada from Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No 1
Composed by Ottorino Respighi
Arranged for flute orchestra by Paige Dashner Long 2010
Copyright 2011 Falls House Press

Mixing the Malt
composed by Peter Martin
arranged by Paige Dashner Long
Copyright 2009 Mainstream Music     
Details are found in Arrangements. From flute quartet to complete flute orchestra, this arrangement is expandable. 

Night on Bald Mountain
Composed by Modest Mussorgsky
arranged by Shaul Ben-Meir
Copyright 2004 Megido Music Publications

Scherzo from Symphony No 5
composed by Alexander Glazunov
arranged by Martin Melicharek III
Copyright 2005 Camellia Flutes Publishing Co. Fair Oaks, CA

The Academie of Dance
composed by Catherine McMichael 
Copyright 2000 by Alry Publications, Inc. PO Box 36542, Charlotte, NC 28236  

Commissioned by The New England Conservatory Metropolitan Flute Orchestra, Catherine McMichael's award winning composition The Academie of Dance is a modern French Suite of old stylized dances with a modern flavor.  The ensemble commissioned the work to take with them on their French concert tour in 2001.  The first movement Chante 'is reminiscent of the early preludes - slow, setting the stage for what is to come.  The Ecossaise is a lively two-step, virtuosic and humorous, with a few corny harmonies to keep you smiling.  The Pavane has a dignified, lovely melody, set in the style of a sarabande, but with four beats to the measure instead of three.  The final movement, Galliarde, is a wide open breeze of a piece, characterized by shifting meter between 6/8 and 3/4.

Innes Glas Mor  
composed by Lisa LeMay, published by Falls House Press

St. Paul's Suite
composed by Gustav Holst, arranged by Lana Behrens, published by Falls House Press

Spanish Dance
composed by Manuel De Falla, arranged by Shaul Ben-Meir
Copyright  2005  Megido Music Publications

Cat Pause from Helen's Backyard  
composed by Jonathan Cohen, published by Falls House Press

From the score:  "Helen's Backyard is a celebration of life told through a backyard day, presented by five movements.  Dawn Processioanl paints a sunrise and the sun's triumphal march across the land.  Tentative but enthusiastic birds then attempt to sing as an ensemble in Boid Dance but can never quite get it together.  Cat Pause is the swing-beat swagger of a very cool cat, complete with meows and purrs.  The frenetic Squirrels follows.  Finally, Evening Chorale brings the day to a satisfying close."