Metropolitan Flute Orchestra

In summer residence at New England Conservatory
Boston, MA

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The New England Conservatory Summer Metropolitan Flute Orchestra, comprised of highly trained flutists, presents a wide variety of music, crafting musical selections for each concert based upon the concert venue and audience. From classical and sacred literature to jazz, folk songs and show tunes, the ensemble has been delighting audiences since 1998. In additions to concerts presented in the local area of Boston, Massachusetts, the New England Conservatory Flute Orchestra has also presented concerts in Europe and prestigious events in the United States.  

Metropolitan flute orchestra 2007.
Summer Metropolitan Flute Orchestra 2010, Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, MA.

Past performances, in addition to regular concert programs presented at the New England Conservatory, include appearances at the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Open House, the BSO’s Symphony Café, Boston’s Faneuil Hall and Boston’s French Library. The Metropolitan Flute Orchestra commissioned the awarded winning composition The Academie of Dance by Catherine McMichael.

The Metropolitan Flute Orchestra was selected and performed at the National Flute Association Conventions in 2000 (Columbus, OH), 2006 (Pittsburgh, PA), 2009 (New York City, NY), 2011 (Charlotte, NC) and 2015 (Washington DC). In addition, the MET has presented concert tours in France in July 2001, in Ireland in 2008, in Germany, Austria and Slovakia in 2012, and in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic in 2014. They are now preparing to tour England and Scotland with concerts in London England; York, England, and Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland, July 2016.

From 1998-2001, the New England Conservatory Metropolitan Flute Orchestra rehearsed and performed year round. Since Paige’s move to Florida, the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra is now in summer residence at New England Conservatory, presenting annual concerts in renowned Jordan Hall.


Florida Flute Orchestra

Orlando, FL

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Florida flute orchestra. The Florida Flute Orchestra is a select ensemble comprised of professional flutists from Florida.  In addition to concerts in Florida, the ensemble has performed at the 2006 (Pittsburgh, PA) the 2009 (New York City, NY), the 2011 (Charlotte, NC), the 2013 (New Orleans, LA) and the 2015 (Washington DC) National Flute Association Conventions, annually during the Florida State Flute Conventions, as well as presented a concert tour in Provence, 2005, sponsored by AICLER, France. While in France, they visited the Conservatoire National de Region in Dijon. There they performed with one of France’s top flute ensembles, Flutes Ad Libitum, directed by Martine Charlot. The Florida Flute Orchestra hosted Flutes Ad Libitum during their Florida concert tour in April of 2006.


Chamber Players of Palm Coast

Palm Coast, FL

The Chamber Players of Palm Coast, directed by Paige Dashner Long, are outstanding musicians from central and north Florida.   Typically the ensemble performs with strings, winds and harpsichord, and instrumentation is expandable to meet the needs of the repertoire to be performed. 

The Chamber Players are dedicated to performing chamber music with artistic excellence, for the enjoyment of the local community.  From secular to sacred, the ensemble performs a wide variety of chamber music from the Baroque to the 21st century.  In addition, the Chamber Players provide special music for select worship services, monthly, at Palm Coast United Methodist Church.

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International Flute Orchestra 

Directed by Nancy Clew and Dr. John Bailey

Paige travels annually with the International Flute Orchestra, comprised of flute teachers throughout the United States. Each May the orchestra visits a different region of the world, presenting concerts and doing exchanges with local music schools and flutists. Paige has traveled and performed with the orchestra while on tour in France, Germany, Austria, England, Wales, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Czeck Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Chile, Poland, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, and The Netherlands, and they are preparing to tour Japan with concerts in Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto.