Paige Dashner Long

Flutist, Flute Orchestra Director, Flute Clinician, Flute Adjudicator

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2016 Metropolitan Flute Orchestra

July 13-16, 2017

Jordan Hall
New England Conservatory
Boston, MA

Paige Dashner Long is an internationally recognized flute choir director and contrabass flutist. Currently Ms. Long, an Altus Artist, directs the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra in summer residence at New England Conservatory, the Daytona State Flute Choir and the Florida Flute Orchestra. As an active guest flute clinician and ensemble director, she has led workshops and directed flute ensembles for music schools in France, Germany and Mexico, as well as for universities and flute associations throughout America. She performs with the International Flute Orchestra, is the coordinator of the National Flute Association’s (NFA) Flute Choir Composition Competition, serves on the Low Flutes Committee of the NFA, served on the executive board of the Florida Flute Association and is past president of the Greater Boston Flute Association.

Paige Dashner Long, with contrabass flute, sub contrabass flute, and double contrabass flute. As an active performer, Paige currently plays flute and harpsichord with the Daytona Solisti Chamber Orchestra and the Chamber Players of Palm Coast. As an active teacher, she is part of the adjunct music faculty at Daytona State College and also maintains a private flute studio. As an international ensemble performer, Paige has presented concerts in France, Germany, Austria, England, Wales, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Chile, Mexico, and Italy.

As a lower flute specialist, she has written several articles for Flute Talk Magazine as well as for flute association newsletters throughout the country. In addition to her flute activities, she is music director at Palm Coast United Methodist Church in Palm Coast, FL, as well as directs and performs with the Chamber Players of Palm Coast.

Paige’s flute ensembles utilize her extensive flute collection including piccolo, Eb soprano flute, concert flute, Bb flute d’amour, alto flute in G, bass flute, contrabass flute, the Kingma sub contrabass flute in G—one of three in the world, and the Kotato double contrabass flute—one of four in the world.  This unique and exceptional instrumentation enables all of Paige’s ensembles to be beautifully balanced, as well as provides unlimited repertoire possibilities.  To achieve this wonderful, lyrical, balanced sound, 50% of each ensemble is comprised of lower flutes (alto, bass, contrabass, sub contrabass and double contrabass).